My Second Home Hotel

About Us

Located in Estepona, My Second Home Hotel was born from Adrian and Yolanda's dream of having the best dog hotel in the Costa Del Sol. With more than 20 years of experience working with dogs, they have been able to create the perfect place for your furry friend to have a lovely stay.

Our Hotel

Our beautiful hotel has individual rooms and rooms with their own patio where each guest can comfortably enjoy their stay. In addition, we have two outdoor parks and an indoor playground for the little ones, where dogs play and socialize with each other.

Medical Requirements

All dogs boarding at My Second Home Hotel need to bring the following medical criteria:

  • Be microchipped and have a valid vaccination booklet or passport.

  • Have had a recent Anti Flea and tick treatment.

  • Vaccine against Rabies.

  • We recommend having a valid vaccination against the Kennel Cough.

Packing The Suitcase

What you pet needs to bring for more confort:

  • The medicine your pet needs & instruccions.

  • Special food or toy if you wish
    (anyway, we have a lot in the hotel!)

  • Clothes, blankets and accessories that your pet likes and reminds him of home.

  • Bed, feeders or leash if you prefer.


Boarding at My Second Home Hotel is an unique experience in a free environment with all the love and attention your pet deserves.

Our Boarding Service includes:

  • Accommodation in a room with private patio.

  • Water and daily meals.

  • Supervised playtime.

  • Mountain Hikes.